We have a new company onboard Hire & Retain
This is an Internship &  
It is Work From Home

Portfolio :- Human Resource (HR)

Stipend:- Minimum 5k

Weekly off:- Sunday

Working Time:- 10 to 7pm

Location:- Khadak pada kalyan

Duration:- 6 months ( 3months Work from Home) 

Last date to Apply :-5th may 2022

Job Description

📌Source candidates using a variety of search methods to build a robust candidate pipeline

📍Manage the overall interview, selection, and closing process

📍Screen candidates by reviewing resumes and job applications, and performing phone screenings

📍Take ownership of candidate experience by designing and managing itDevelop job postings, job descriptions, and position requirements

📍Perform reference checks as need

📍Facilitate the offer process by extending the offer and negotiation employment terms

📍Manage onboarding and new hire process

📍Stay abreast of recruiting trends and best practices

📍Ensure all screening, hiring, and selection is done in accordance with employment laws and regulations

📍company can hire potential recruiter after completion of 6 month internship

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