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We have a new company onboard Green Chillies.

Company name: Green Chillies

This is an intership 
It is work from office .
Location: Andheri west 


2.Social media marketing 


Stipend: 10000/- months and based on performance .
Working hours: full time 


Job description:
1. Assist in growing company revenues through booking sponsorship, delegates for conferences,
seminars, roadshows, and other activities
2. Coordinate for meetings for the programs
3. Interact with CXO-level executives
4. Research and develop a list of potential sponsors and advertisers for each program
5. Identify and maintain a list of potential sponsors and advertisers and content syndicators
6. Conceive and develop efficient and intuitive marketing strategies
7. Organise and oversee advertisements/communication campaigns (social media, TV, etc.),
exhibitions, and promotional events
8. Conduct market research and analysis to evaluate trends, brand awareness, and competition
9. Initiate and control surveys to assess customer requirements and dedication
10. Maintain relationships with media vendors and publishers to ensure collaboration in
promotional activities
11. Monitor progress of campaigns using various metrics and submit reports of performance
12. Create innovative copywriting taglines for creatives


 Requirements :
English proficiency (spoken)
English proficiency (written)

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