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We have a new company onboard Exa mobility India pvt LTD.

Company name: Exa mobility India pvt LTD

This is an intership
It is work from home.

Portfolio: Business development / Full time

Stipend:5000-20,000/ months


Working hours: Flexible hours



The intern will be in charge of :-

1. Onboarding potential Investors & Franchisees for the Company through our FICO and FOFO Models of Franchise.
2. Performing field visits for Investor / Franchise / B2B Client acquisition purpose.
3. Conducting google meets and time to time telephonic conversations with the potential investors to pitch them our Franchise Models.
4. Contributing in increasing the brand value of Exa by using various Social Media platforms, creating videos/reels etc.
5. Creating the brand awareness of Exa Mobility by using Digital Marketing platforms and tools.
6. As it is a startup company, interns will have to keep flexibility in contributing to multiple roles if required.


Note :

Interns should be ready to work from 9 AM - 6.30 PM or minimum 7-8 hours.

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