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About Us

The Vedanta College, Placement Assistance Team is an essential part of the college which has contributing immensely to its repute and development. With companies like Thorat Tech, Content wale, Policy Bazaar, Expertrons forming a part of the campus recruitment every year, we've had more prestigious companies like ICICI Lombard, Motilal Oswal, Kotak Life Insurance, SIB InfoTech among others for on/off-campus drives.

The Placement Cell provides ample opportunities to the students to develop their personality by conducting seminars on a wide variety of topics and workshops from some organisations. There have been various internship opportunities for the students. It has worked actively towards the holistic development of students every year and aims to achieve much greater heights in the future.

We thank the companies associated with us for the faith and confidence entrusted, that has eventually led to successful campus engagement activities.

Our Mission 

  • Help students to excel in their career. 

  • Providing quality training such as personality development, communication skills, etc.

  • To Make Maximum Students to join Placement Team of our College.

  • To create a “Goodwill” and the “Brand” of Placement Team through Marketing in various Social Media Platforms.

Message from Principal 

During the growing up years every youth aspires to get good education such that it results in successful Internship & placement. In the past decades, job oriented skilling too has become equally important. In my three decades of experience with students, I can confirm: Youngsters who gained good knowledge through education Trained themselves in job oriented skills and Acquired job exposure through internship Are doing very well professionally With the vision to support students fulfill their dream of being successfully employed, a batch of enthusiastic students under the expert mentorship of Mr Yash Sanghvi started PAT (Placement Assistance Team) at Vedanta. It was such a proud moment to watch these young Turks turn into mature professionals with the excellent guidance of Yash. Cant thank Yash enough, who has been selflessly giving his best guidance and support to the PAT members, on a regular basis.

The PAT members under the able leadership of Mr Sai Shivraj P, gave an excellent take off to the placement activities. It was commendable to watch the team work efficiently even during lockdown period. Mr Sai's team efficiently managed Selection of the new team, which was conducted following the democratic selection process.


Loads of good wishes to the alumni team and looking forward to year full of exceptional outcomes from the current year team. Contribution of new team, till date, through placements, internships, trainings conduct of activities has been remarkable.


Let the Spirit of PAT flow with the essence of " We grow when all grow with us, While others perish we perish too". Goodluck

Dr. Sangeeta Kholi

Message from Trainer

Only Achieving Educational Goals is not Important, Making sure that students achieve their career goals is also important. In order of that my foundation Career Incubator and I collaborated with the Placement Assistance Team of Vedanta College And together we built the First Students-run Committee of this College. I believe that ‘Sky Has No Limits’. I aspire to help Students in the Career Development. It empowers me to share my mission and vision with PAT which is not only to grow yourself but also to help others. PAT is the non-profit organization which not only assists students for job but also grows them for Professional Career. The exposure which I give to PAT members is similar to the Corporate Exposure. They work as a Team. They have leaders like the Executive Body. I strongly believe in Three Measures, First is Team Building, Second Excellence And Third Humility. The vision of the PAT is to have a successful year and reach the maximum success rate in next 2-3 years. Thank You to Sangeeta Kohli Ma’am, The Principal of Vedanta College for always believing in me and Thank You to PAT Students to have faith in me and trusting me for their Career.

Yash Sanghavi

Sai Shivraj Pagadala

Message from Founder 

I had started this Initiative in our college to help my friends and juniors to get aware of Internships and Placements and the importance of the Skillsets in the future through the Placement Assistance Team (PAT) of the Vedanta College. As we have successfully provided Internship And Trained Students. With the help and support of our Principal Mam, trusted me and our members and let us handle the Official Placement Team of our college which is one of the First Student-run Body in our region and we are proud of it. For me the journey was short but the things I  earned through this journey were immense and I am very grateful to all the Members and Mentors who made it possible. It was all part of the Team Work. I believe that if I climb the ladder of success, I will take all my mates with me. I will be more successful when someone is successful because of me. On behalf of the college, I invite all Recruiters to provide our students with opportunities to excel in their careers.

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